Help with research

North Leigh church from south eastHave you ever wondered why the church is at one end of your village, rather than in the middle, or what was on the corner of your street before that block of flats was built? Are you investigating your family’s history and would like to know more about where they lived or the community they were part of? You might be interested in the story of the road where you live, your neighbourhood or village – how it has changed over time and how people have interacted with their locality to make it what it is today. Or perhaps one particular aspect of the area’s history – for example, how your community was affected by the coming of a canal or railway, or what happened to it during the War.

If so, why not join the growing number of people who enjoy researching the history of their local area – be it a village, parish, town, suburb, street, or even a single building. A local history research project can be done on your own, or with family, friends and neighbours – a great way to get together with other people in your community and to learn new skills.

If you are keen to do some local history research, but aren’t sure how to tackle it, I can help you to get started. A session lasting as little as a couple of hours will help you to identify what you are hoping to find out, the sources you need, where to get hold of them and how to use them most effectively. I can also help you with ideas about how to organise your research and how to pull together and present your findings – perhaps as an article, a leaflet, an exhibition, an illustrated talk, or even as a special present for a friend or relative.

Please contact me on 01865 242760 or for further information and for fees.