Folly Bridge and Grandpont, South Oxford

Grandpont is a late Victorian suburb, but the history of this area goes back to the early medieval period when south of what is now Folly Bridge was all open marshy meadowland, bisected by a huge causeway or grandpont of forty arches, the site of the original oxen ford which gave the city its name. Later the area was home to Oxford’s first waterworks, railway station and football ground. Folly Bridge itself accommodates a number of historic and somewhat eccentric buildings including Salter’s Steamers’ warehouses, workshops and offices, a toll house and a castle (left). Come and find out about the history of this fascinating but often overlooked part of Oxford.

“Thank you for an excellent walk, I learnt so much!”  Felicity Wood, The Arts Society Oxford, June 2021.

“You succeeded in bringing the past to life and pointed out interesting features that I simply hadn’t noticed before, despite having lived in Oxford for many years.”  Sue Pennington, East Oxford resident, October 2017.

 “A wonderful tour … we recently moved to the area and it was fascinating to hear how much it has changed over the years. I was impressed by your knowledge and clarity.”  Virginia Mario, South Oxford resident, September 2017.

“Your excellent walk not only shone a light on the past of this particular corner of south Oxford, but made us look afresh at our own neighbourhood – a really terrific experience.”  Ian Myson, Bloxham History Club, September 2014.

“Thanks for your excellent guided walk round the area south of Folly Bridge. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a huge amount. I loved the photos you had brought along to illustrate the walk.”
Harriet Bretherton, “Not the Book Group”, January 2014.

“My understanding of the area – buildings, social structure, infrastructure, local and wider economy and events – were illuminated in such an interesting way that I shall look at the streets of my town with a new understanding.”
Oxford Open Doors
participant, September 2011.

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