Brewing in Oxford

Brewing in Oxford

Brewing had been big business in Oxford since medieval times, with dozens of commercial breweries, as well as brewhouses at all the existing colleges and at the castle prison and, later, at the Radcliffe Infirmary. In the 18th century several great brewing families emerged – the Tawneys, the Halls, the Treachers, and the Morrells. On this walk we’ll learn how these four families came to dominate Oxford’s brewing trade and see some of the brewery buildings, malthouses and pubs in which their beer was manufactured and consumed.  (Image courtesy of Simon Somerscales)

“Your guided walk was as stimulating and informative as ever – so many buildings one walks past without noticing, now given a whole backstory of understanding! We got a good crowd, and they were really appreciative.”  Brenda Stones, Writers in Oxford, March 2020.

“Liz shared so well the fruits of her research, passion and knowledge of the brewing and social history of Oxford. Her chosen route and commentary, supported by a magnificent handout, brought the story to life.”  Mick Connors, Brewery History Society, July 2018.

Please note that the content of this walk overlaps with that of the St Thomas’s walk and the industrial buildings walk.

An illustrated talk on this subject is also available.

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